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A first impression makes a lasting impression! Studies show that your potential customers decide to continue on your website or not in just four seconds after visiting your website. So, your website is a critical focal point where you have to build trust, inspire, imbibe confidence and connect with target audience. In short, it is the initial step in building a relationship between you and your client.

If you see less traffic in your website or see that visitors are easily diverted to your competitor, it’s high time you change your strategies. There are proven time-tested techniques that could bring in considerable increase in promising website traffic. We are discussing the 5 best methods that could influence your website’s look without you having to shell out too much from your pocket.

Be unique with the logo

The primary step is to represent your brand. Create a unique and professional logo and link that your home page. The logo depicts your brand and has a prominent place in your website. As a rule of thumb, the upper left corner is considered a dedicated space for logos. Make sure to use a high resolution image and provide links to it for navigating your users back to the home page.

Cut away clutter

Too much of anything is bad. Make sure you don’t stuff your website with too many photos and visually overload your viewers to such a level where their brains cease to process the information. Incorporating too much visual information such as animation, photos or graphics can distract the viewer from analyzing the actual content.

The same applies to text as well. Keep your paragraphs short with each containing four to five simple sentences; make the content informative and engaging. To further reduce clutter, try limiting links and options on header and footer so that the visitor can focus more on the actual content.

Choose reader-friendly font

Always ensure that you don’t include fonts that are so fancy that it strains the eye. None of the viewers will be interested in taking so much pain in going through such contents.

Also, keep in mind that viewers choose to read not only using laptops, but mobile devices as well. A standard universal font will do the trick here.

Choose the size accordingly, but try to keep it not less than 11. The point is to make the reader have a comfortable reading experience. Consider adequate spacing, placing of matter etc. to further simplify this aspect.

Give the user breathing space

Just as important as it is to reduce clutter, controlling of white space is equally important as it helps in keeping the viewer focuses to the point and also controls the flow. Create adequate spacing between contents, paragraphs and images so that the viewer gets a grasp and makes an imprint of what you are trying to communicate in their brain.

This control on white space will improve the user experience and help get them back onto your site. With more than enough competition going on the web of on mobiles, even the less you say means more if you stick to your point.

Make strategic use of color

While we talk about content, matter, font etc. first impact has quite a lot to do with the choice of color. Most of the time, an elegant, clean and modern look will do the job. Choosing a neutral palette can help give this clean image to your site.

Use color wisely and give dashes of color on your graphics, header, footer etc. to make it easy for user to identify important content. Also, look for complementing colors, rather than total contrasts and go for colors that complement your logo.

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