At PBR Web Design we are proud of our employees. We would like to think we have some of the best web designers in the industry. Coming together as a cohesive team with a lot of experience your website is in great hands. We have worked on a lot of projects since we started 11 years ago, from pet dog websites to huge company websites.

We are confident that we will have something that fits your needs. All of our websites can be scaled from the very basics to very complex features.




Our websites start at an affordable price of $300 though there isn’t much customisation it will still work great if you are trying to create a hobby website or something similar. Of course you have the option to scale this up and the price will depend on the different features you are looking for. We also do graphic design for projects that require it, all of our websites come with a logo and banner but we can also do a lot more.

If you are interested in this please contact us using our form. Put the subject line as “Website Project Enquiry” and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.