Posted by on August 12, 2016

The web and websites are the important factors which help in understanding a customer’s likes, dislikes and their reactions and responses to a product or service. This emphasizes the requirement of a website for every business. This makes the job of choosing a web designer for a company a competitive decision. You do have choices available and you can choose between a reputed company and a freelance designer. A lot of factors contribute in this decision including –

  • Delivery time
  • Cost
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Past credibility and clients
  • Working style

Although both have their own advantages and disadvantages, a reputed company does have some advantages which will incline your support towards them. The following are some reasons to go for a reputed firm –


Team Work

 If you are a company which believes in team work and the success rate it has produced so far, then you world want to go for a reputed firm instead of a single freelancer. With huge firms, the expertise of many people in the team are effectively utilized which yields better results. A team and the ambiance in an office create great motivation which is not the case with a freelancer. In a team, there are various people to work on different things and hence the group effort brings about excellent results.

Also the technical knowledge of different persons is so different that you get the best of different worlds. A combination of experience with expertise is what is best for any project.


Post Delivery Product support

Hiring a reputed firm has another advantage as it could provide you the kind of post delivery support which not all freelancers could give you. You have separate support teams in such companies, with experts handling different components. So all your issues post customer feedback could be efficiently fixed by resources whenever required.


Client communication and support

When you are working with a repute company, all your communication and feedback are taken into account. There is a team exclusively for client support which takes care of all your queries and ensured they are answered at all point of time. They keep you informed on all decisions and the progress happening at every stage. This boosts the confidence and reduces the chances of errors.

The companies have a structure and associates at different level to manage different scenarios. Expertise from all departments brings a wider window for discussion thus bringing about a better solution.



Hiring these big companies allows for the use of high end software and technology. These companies by default have all the software and operating systems configured on to all computers. It simply means every single person working on your project has the necessary tools and gadgets required for designing a best in class project.

Not all freelancers have this luxury. At no point of time is any associate in a large company devoid of tools or gadgets.


Creativity and Expertise

These large companies have the ability to hire any sort of talent required to complete a given project within the time limits. This is an advantage over a regular freelancer. There is a special creative team in every company which takes care of the innovation part. People from various backgrounds, cultures, and places definitely add to the ideas. They bring with them new ideas and knowledge which is imparted into a project. Their ideas get incredible when there is a team to acknowledge and motivate. There is a competition among associates to bring out the best in them which urges them to get creative with every passing day. This gets beneficial to every client who hires the company.