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When formulating the SEO strategy for a business in Brisbane, people tend to focus more on the selection of keywords, relevance of the pages, building of links etc. Website design is usually rated low as a success factor for an SEO strategy in Brisbane. That is where most people make mistakes. In fact only when your web design is closely linked to the SEO strategy can you influence your search rankings.
Let’s look at some key aspects of your web design which will influence your SEO in Brisbane.

Website Structure:
You should have a good website structure which supports easy navigation. Navigation is like a map, it should be SEO friendly so that it can easily be crawled and indexed by spiders from the search engines. When a web design has Flash and JavaScript navigations in its structure, it may tamper it from being SEO friendly and must be eliminated. They may give a cool look to the site but they are not easily recognized by the spiders.
Also, it’s vital as your website expands you need to maintain your base theme strongly throughout and users should find it easy to get where they want in few clicks as possible.

HTML Coding:
A search engine will only look at your website in terms of codes. The HTML codes that make up your site should be enhanced for this purpose to target them easily. Your code should be clean and crisp, so that search engines can easily crawl and index them accurately and web browsers don’t take a long time reading them to display your site to users.

Responsive Web Design:
The goal of any SEO strategy is to reach more number of people. Your website design should be a responsive one for that. With a responsive design, your site will work on multiple devices – like a mobile, desktop, tablet etc. When more people access your site, they recommend and share it with friends boosting your metrics which search engines like Google will take into consideration.

Internal Links:
The internal links are more than navigation. It enhances the user’s experience on your website by properly indexing all blog posts and pages. A search engine will also know that all your previous blogs posts and pages can be found and indexes them accurately.

Page Speed:
The speed at which your website loads is also a factor considered by most search engines today. These also depend on the web design, and try to enhance a better user experience. When people wait for a long time for a page to load, they might become uninterested and may navigate to other sites.

Trust and Credibility of your Website:
This may not essentially be something influenced by the web design, but the first impression an user gets from seeing the site counts on its success rate of getting repeated visits. Your web design should have a feel that makes users want to come again. It should also incorporate the right content that tells everything about the products or services that a customer might want to know. Showing that you are professional and they can trust your credibility in your business will make your site stand out among thousands in the same field.

When you design your website, keep these aspects in mind and make sure that you don’t build a busy or complex layout. Further as much as possible you should try to avoid pop up or flamboyant ads that eat up your content, using smaller prints which are difficult to read as well as boring colours in your website to succeed in your SEO in Brisbane.

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